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Rise and   shine

To beautiful lashes

Hello and Welcome:

Thank you for stopping by,

I am so excited that you are here. 

My name is Ana M. Salinas,

I am a cosmetologist who fell

in love with the art of Eyelash Extensions.

 I own and operate a lash studio located

at San Paloma Apartments

 on Techridge Blvd, Austin, TX.

As a working professional

I understand that your time is valuable,

and I know how important it is

to look polished at all times.

Whether video conferencing or running errands,

 with eyelash extensions

you'll feel confident in how you look,

 even without full make-up done.

My priority is to accentuate 

your natural beauty with gorgeous eyelash extensions,

so when you leave my studios,

you will look & feel amazing. 

You may choose from subtle classic to mega volume

or anything in between!

Invest in yourself to look and feel your best.

Look around and book your perfect set of lashes today!  

New to Lashes?

"A lash and a wink
gets you further than you think"


Full Set of Volume

Eyelash Extensions+

one week fill+

eyebrow and lip wax



work by : Ana M. Salinas

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