One individual eyelash extensions perfectly applied

to one natural lash, creating a natural mascara look


Full Set $150

Fills 1w$35 2w$55 3w$85


The method of adding thinner extensions fans

 to every other natural lash,

for a dispersed yet fuller look, 

increasing the volume and darkening the lash lash line.

The1st.- 1week fill is included with this new set


Full Set $175

Fills 1w$35 2w$55 3w$85

50%classic + 50%volume

The effect is a textured look,

where longer lengths of classic lashes

are strategically placed

and filled in between

shorter volume extensions

creating a spiky textured look.

The 1st-1week fill is included with this new set

Full Set $200 

Fills 1w$40 2w$65 3w$85

The art of adding handcrafted
lash fans to one natural lash

Each of this fans consist of

3-5 thinner extensions attached at the base

in an upside down triangle,

creating very lightweight lashes

 but with fullness that you can't achieve with classic.

The 1st-1week fill is included with this new set.

Full Set $200

Fills 1w$40 2w$65 3w$85

This is the most dramatic form of lashing,
mega volume is an advanced technique
using ultra fine cashmere and velvet extensions, 
 for a natural lash to safely hold fans
of up to 16 extensions per natural lash
The 1st-1week fill is included with this new set.


Full Set $270 / 2-3hrs

Fills 1w$90 2w$140 3w$180 / 1.5-2hrs